The Goody Goody Story by Joe Jansen

Goody Goody was started in January of 1964 at 2915 Greenville Avenue. The original building was fifteen feet wide and contained an inventory valued at $2,400.00. Our annual sales were $48,000.00 for the first year. The original store before it was Goody Goody was named (of all things) Goo Goo. The owner had this name so that it would be easy to remember since he did a large part of his business in neighborhood delivery. He wanted the people to be able to find the telephone number.

I bought the Goo Goo liquor store six months after graduation from college. Since it took all the money I could raise, I did not have any extra money to buy a new sign. By adding a "dy" to Goo Goo, I was able to change the name to Goody Goody and save $600.00 on new sign plates. At the time I had every intention of changing the name, but as time passed and Goody Goody built a reputation it became unwise to do so.

From the start Goody Goody showed a steady trend upward in sales brought on by a reputation of good prices and fair dealings. Our philosophy is exemplified by the company motto coined in 1965: "We do not serve the public to make a profit; we make a profit because we serve the public." Early in 1969, Goody Goody moved from the original store to a small strip shopping center next door at 2937 Greenville Avenue. Soon after this move Goody Goody hit its first $1,000,000.00 in sales. When Goody Goody moved next door, it took the lease on a space vacated by a convenience store. Originally the new building had a poodle shop, a remnant shop, and a washateria. As each of these businesses went out of business or moved, Goody Goody picked up the leases and expanded until finally it had the whole building. This store is still in operation and is a very important part of our overall business.

In 1966, Goody Goody entered into the wholesale business. At that time liquor by the drink had not been legalized, but there were a few private clubs that served mixed drinks. Goody Goody started serving these businesses so when mixed drinks were legalized in the early 70's we were in a good position to take advantage of this new source of business. The only problem the company had was it did not have the capital to expand fast enough to keep pace with the explosive growth in new bar and restaurant accounts. Our Greenville store was soon operating at capacity and our competitors with warehouse facilities kept growing. This problem was made worse in June of 1973 when lightning struck that store on a Sunday night, almost destroying it by fire. All of the capital saved for expansion was spent at this time to save the company. Motel rooms were rented nearby and all the employees went on twenty-hour shifts. They took turns sleeping in the rented rooms four hours at a time. All employees remained on the job for eight days without going home, working the twenty hour per day schedule. This dedication paid off as Goody Goody reopened for business in less than thirty days. It had been severely shaken but not beaten. At this point employees continued to work a six day, eleven hour shift to get the company out of the hole. Seventeen months later in December of 1974 a new warehouse was opened at 10301 Harry Hines Blvd. With these facilities available, the company started a relentless drive for a larger market share of the new bar accounts. The sales effort was successful. In fact it was so successful that the company faced the same space problem that it had earlier at Greenville , but on a much larger scale. The first thought was to build a new warehouse, but after careful study and consideration it was decided to sell the wholesale division and focus both the capital and attention on building more retail stores.

Since then we opened #3 (Greenville Ave.) in Sept. 1984, #8 (Upper Greenville Ave.) Goody Goody DBA Buckeye in Sept. 1993, #10 (Addison) opened in April 1997, #12 (Highland Village) opened Sept. 1999, #11 (The Colony) opened Sept. 2000, #14 (Lake Dallas) Goody Goody DBA as Buckeye opened Dec. 2000, #15 (Oaklawn) opened Nov. 2004 and #16, a 30,334 sq. ft. store in Little Elm, is scheduled to open later this year (2006). At the time of this letter, Goody Goody has grown from that first 15 ft. wide store to become the #1 volume liquor retail store chain in Dallas.

Our wholesale division, re-opened in 1995, has grown to the point that we now service between 600 and 700 hotels and restaurants in the Dallas Metroplex area.